Hold-It Wooden Notebook

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$ 165.00
$ 165.00
$ 165.00
$ 165.00
$ 165.00


$ 165.00
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*請在結算頁面備註希望購買的內頁格式 : 空白 / 漸層橫線 / 漸層方格


/ 尺寸、規格、大小、重量 /

尺寸 :20 x 12 x 1.5 cm
頁數 :37-50 p
重量 :215 g

空白 - 37p
橫線 -57p
方格 -57p

2018年新增6款實木封面,可隨意補充內頁,更多款式資訊請參考我們的PINKOI店或在 IG / Facebook : hyledesignmacau 與我們查詢。

A touching journey
The essence of travel is to feel the wonderful things around and remember each precious moment. Now you can record all these “touchable” scenes with this notebook. The high quality wood made cover allows you to draw freely with its thick and strong features, bringing you a portable drawing board. The grip is specially tailored made according to one’s gesture, you can hold it comfortably in hand either horizontally or vertically; ergonomically you can draw and write smoothly.
Hold it! Start to experience your unique journey.